Freelance Illustrator | Comic Artist | Narrative Designer


Silly little person who likes the macabre, drawing, and poetry :3cFor business inquiries, please email:
[email protected]


  • Golden Kamuy

  • Chainsaw Man

  • Jujutsu Kaisen (Geto Especially <3)

  • Tokyo Revengers

  • Jigokuraku

  • Percy Jackson

Zine Experience

Blood&JupiterPercy Jackson Series, for profit, physicalShippingFinance, Production, Art, and Formatting
Midnight MelodiesCastlevania Zine, Split Charity/Profit, physicalProductionOrganization, Social Media, Art, Formatting
Streets of GoldTokyo Revengers, Charity, digital with physical merchProductionGraphics and Org Mod
Order Up!Multifandom, Free DigitalCreationFormatting
Devilish DelightsCSM, Cookbook, Physical, For ProfitContributor AppsOrganization, Social Media, Art, Formatting
Star GuardsLeague of Legends, physical, For charityCreationProduction & Art
Pochita's GoodiesCSM, Merch Box, Physical, For-profitInterest CheckCo-art, co-socials, co-graphics
PJO Yearbook ZinePercy Jackson Series, for profit, physicalInterest CheckFormatting and Art
Golden FutureGolden Kamuy Zine, for profit, digital with physical merchCompleted!Organization, Social Media, Art
Stray MemoriesBungou Stray Dogs, For charity, physicalCompleted!Social Media Mod